Quebec Seafood: Nordic Shrimp Ceviche with Sweet Potato and Lime

This morning I was on Breakfast Television Montreal talking about local Quebec seafood. Here's my recipe for the Nordic shrimp ceviche that I made with host Derick Fage. It's 100% sustainable, super easy and very delicious. Nordic shrimp are available in Quebec year-round frozen … [Read more...]

Peruvian Ceviche is Not Mexican Ceviche

Pervuain ceviche

I don't know if I was ever more disappointed in myself than when I realized that I'd never cooked ceviche before... ...because goodness knows I've eaten more than my fair share. I basically had it every other day for two months in Lima, Peru and almost order it (and am … [Read more...]

Pickling This: Poblano Chili Peppers with Green Tomatoes and Peruvian Oregano


That's just a fancy way of saying I had a bunch of green, mild-ish chili peppers and needed a recipe to preserve them. It's a simple brine. I wanted to make the kind of green chili peppers you find in cans and need for all sorts of Mexican dishes. But it seems that chilies … [Read more...]

Peruvian “Arroz con Mariscos”: Rice with Seafood and Chili Pepper-Tomato Sauce


"Ooh...Sounds exotic! 'Arroz con Mariscos'...but what does it mean?" asked a friend, as I served her a portion of my freshly made dish. I didn't want to let her down but I had no choice but to answer, "It just meas 'rice with seafood.' "Oh..." said my friend. But when she … [Read more...]

Mazamorra Morada – Purple Corn and Pineapple Pudding


This one is a little tough to make in North America, what with our lack of purple Peruvian corn. In Peru, however, it's one almost every restaurant's dessert menu. It's a thick pudding made from boiled down corn and pineapple husks with tons of dried and fresh fruit, sugar, … [Read more...]