To Dare to Give the Raspberry!


“There’s only one man who would dare to give me the raspberry!”

If you don’t get that reference, don’t feel bad. You can still have delicious jam. You just can’t be a Druish princess about it. No over-sized hairdryers, no Arffs, no Schwartz being with you, etc.

I picked a lot of raspberries out at L’Anse au Sable farm a couple of weekends back. And you know what that meas – jam. So I had a mini canning class and taught a couple of jam novitiates the fine art of preserving fruit in sugar. Well, one form of preserving.

We made this recipe with red raspberries instead of black. I used slightly acidic fruit, not the almost overripe ones that are off being popped straight into your mouth upon picking rather than undergoing the precarious journey back to your kitchen on which they will most likely be crushed and lost their juices anyway. The magical thing about sugar and lemon is that they’re the perfect foil for a fruit’s natural flavour.


We also did a peach-strawberry-rhubarb jam that I like a lot too. The recipe for that was an amalgam between my old-fashioned peach jam and my strawberry rhubarb jam. Don’t skimp on the sugar, or it may not be as safe for canning as you’d like.

Let me know if you want to do a jamming class soon! watson dot amie (at) gmail dot com

May the Schwarz be with you! And if not the Schwarz, may you at least have raspberry jam.

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