PIRQA Rockclimbing Gym in Miraflores, Lima, Peru


I’ve never climbed in a roof-less rockclimbing gym, until now. PIRQA is a fairly new gym in Miraflores with 25-30 metre routes(?), a boulder area and a young, friendly staff. Most routes are leadable, and the setting is different than what I’m used to (long, big moves off good holds, with lots of high feet).

The real draw is the friendly atmosphere though. I walked in a person who speaks a little bit of Spanish and has climbed for a few years and immediately had a partner who saw my harness at the boulder wall. And by the end of our climb I had an invitation to climb outside the next day with 6 other people from Lima. I bought a month pass for 200 soles (about $80) and have been back 5 times. I only arranged to meet a partner there once and I’ve always met someone to climb with (even the manager offered to give me a few belays). There’s a community of people who all know each other. The only problem is there are maybe 20 or so climbs and they don’t change too often, so you’ll quickly run out of projects on top rope and lead.

The routes I’ve climbed had some corner features with balance-y moves at awkward angles (but with a great view of Miraflores off the side of the wall), a few roof sections (90 degree angle, and 45 degree angle) and some slightly overhung sections).


Bouldering is another story, though. Someone can make a problem for you. And there’s a whole training room with a campus board, hang boards, skipping ropes, balance BOSU balls and lots of chalky, muggy, Lima air to help you work up a sweat. Fortunately the cafe and juice bar can help you out with that. Cupcakes, muffins, granola, fresh squeezed juice.


And there’s something really nice about climbing in a roofless gym when it gets dark and you don’t need a sweater. Sorry, Canada, but Lima wins.

Day pass: 30 soles per person, 50 with a course
Plus a shop to buy gear (harness, shoes, draws, magazines, helmets – you can also rent shoes and a harness if you just get a daypass)
José Galvez 360, Miraflores, Lima
Open every day. Check website for current hours


  1. Michel says

    Hi. I just moved to Lima (August 2013) and I am looking for partners to climb indoor and outdoor.
    I can only lead up to 6b but I can follow harder routes.
    Is anyone available?

    • says

      Hi Michel,

      I’m not in Lima anymore. But definitely just go to the gym and you’ll meet a partner or two there. Say hi to Matias, the owner, for me! Also Carlos and Diana and the rest of the regulars who made me feel so at home there.

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