Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Last Friday morning on CKUT 90.3FM I talked a whole lot about Shrove Tuesday and pancakes. From maple syrup to fresh fruit or compotes, to pancakes vs. crepes, and where to get the best pancakes in Montreal. Here’s a link to download the entire panel discussion with my more than willing co-hosts. The Resto-Café Oxford in NDG wins with apple-cinnamon pancakes, hands down, but the best are always home-made.

Click here to download the radio segment.

Photo from Dr. Coop on flickr


  1. says

    Hey Amie :)

    Your writing is pristine. Your blog is very appealing and the articles I read are interesting and entertaining. I’m sure the vast majority of people salivate within a matter of seconds upon surfing it.

    I really enjoyed the radio segment. You got a lovely and energetic voice, and smart ideas. I relate to Josh’s experience with prefering “pure” pancake + maple syrup as there was nothing I’d prefer more than that when I was a kid, I always partook into huge maple syrup excess eating 3-5 pancakes at a meal that my dad would use to make once or twice a month, or the same with french toasts. As a kid the only fruits that I liked were bananas, all melons and sometimes pears, still I would not like any on pancakes or anything else be it meat, cheese or even cream. Needless to say that was not the best healthy choice, but of course I wasn’t interested in health much in my childhood. Things change. Your story about your dad bringing maple syrup around once per two year is special, it reminds me about my grand grand father who’s now dead that told me when I was young how oranges are a treasure for him because when he was a kid the only gift he would receive all year round was one orange at Christmas, at that was the only time he could eat such a delicious food he said. This is shocking because when he told me that I actually disliked fruits especially oranges as so I did not understand, he was living on a farm and of course life was difficult in rural Québec at the time especially in Winter (in the early 1900). Now, I must have eaten at least 2,500 oranges in the past six months and enjoyed it blissfully! Things change. I wonder what kind of karma and/or weird reincarnation choice made us get this lifetime in such a northern cold climate. Still, life is beautiful.

    • MissWattson says

      Thanks so much, Jerome! And thanks for the oranges! The colour of the caracara is amazingly deep.

      I never did plain fruit when I was a kid either (for pancakes, which were a once a week, or once every two weeks, on weekends lunch event in my house). Now I do it to stop myself from using way too much syrup and ending up with a pounding heart and a sugar high. After I started eating sugar again (after not having much of it for about 3 months) I got an anxiety attack after having maple syrup on pancakes. I didn’t know why my heart was beating so fast and I got scared and it turned into an anxiety attack. It was terrifying not knowing what was going on and why. Now I actually make myself have enough sugar so nothing this extreme can happen!

      Your story about your grand grandfather is similar to even my mom’s family that grew up in mostly rural Saskatchewan. they would get a mandarin orange in their Christmas stocking every year and it was a big deal too. the only other fruit around were red delicious apples. I’m so glad we have mangoes and oranges and so many kinds of fruit here, but it still feels a little wrong to see fruit in the middle of winter that doesn’t grow here.

      Your blog is beautiful, by the way. Can I post a link to it here?

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