Glutton Guide Montreal

Glutton Guide Montreal: The Hungry Traveler’s e-Guidebook – co-written by Amie Watson of Multiculturiosity.


Dining out in Montreal in a can be overwhelming – from the language barrier to the tourist trap restaurants to proper wine bar etiquette.

Don’t waste another meal or valuable stomach space eating at places you stumble upon while wandering around.

And if you thought you already knew Montreal, this guide will make you think again. Local treasures can be easy to miss and hard to find – unless you know exactly where to look.

Glutton Guide Montreal includes:
• Dish-specific ordering recommendations
• Neighbourhood guides and tips on where to stay
• Day trips outside of the city plus farmer’s markets, sugar shacks and foodie festivals
• Foodie activities

Meet Glutton Guide Montreal: The Food Guidebook. Written by myself and Melissa Simard of ‘Round Table Food Tours, this e-book guide is by foodies and for foodies. It’s an eater’s guide to the best food in the city, and it’s all you’ll need to never waste a mouthful while eating your way through Montreal.

It’s also gorgeous. Those high-res photos? We didn’t take them, thank goodness. But you’re going to be hungry when you see that foie gras, smoked meat and raw-vegan sushi in millions of pixels.

For less than price of a cocktail, Glutton Guide guarantees you’ll turn your Montreal holiday into a discovery of the city’s most authentic and delicious foods and eat like a local, whether you’re looking for the best farmer’s markets, food tours, must-try locally-sourced cuisine or foodie trips out of town.

The best part is that the digital guidebook is available in PDF, Kindle & iBooks formats, so you can see it on your favourite travel-friendly device.

You can get your copy of Glutton Guide Montreal: The Food Guidebook here now.