Video and Audio of Permaculture Practices from Food Forest Farm and Tripple Brook Farm


If you missed how excited about Arctic kiwi growing in Massachusetts I got last week, allow me to remind you with a video and some audio from y trip to permaculture farms, Food Forest Farm and Tripple Brook Farm. Eric, Jonathan and Steve welcomed our class into their edible … [Read more...]

Modernist Cuisine Cryo-Shucked Oysters and How to Avoid Embarassment at an All-You-Can Eat Oyster Buffet


In this video, Chef Anjana Shanker of the Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab in Bellevue, Washington shows me how to shuck oysters the easy way - with liquid nitrogen: Okay, so maybe not the "everyman" method of shucking, but it sure is efficient. All you do is pop them in … [Read more...]

Smoked Maple Syrup and the World’s Best Pastrami in the Modernist Cuisine Competition BBQ Smoker


This smoker has never seen a Carolina BBQ competition as far as I know. But that's what it was built for - the most tender brisket and ribs that side of Texas (I joke!).* It was built for the Modernist Cuisine lab to do exactly this - make the best pastrami I've ever eaten. It … [Read more...]

Homogenizers, Pacojets, and Other Things You Only See Online


You can buy lots of amazing gourmet food online. You can also choose to buy the equipment online that makes it amazing, and make your own. Well, sometimes you can. Like a dehydrator. You can buy a dehydrator to make crackers or fruit jerky, for example, but a pacojet and a … [Read more...]

Geoduck à la Modernist Cuisine: Spaghetti alle vongole with clam noodles


Do you know the expression, "There's more than one way to skin a cat"? Well there are a grand total of two ways (that I know of) to skin a geoduck. What's a geoduck? It's a kind of clam, pronounced "gooey duck," and is very much not a duck. Each geoduck costs about $45 and for … [Read more...]