Eating Healthy in Toronto and Why you Shouldn’t Live on Papaya Alone


Should I change that title? The sentence structure is tricky because you might think I mean that you shouldn't eat nothing but papaya if you're in a relationship or don't have a roommate. But if I say that you shouldn't live on papaya and I leave off the "alone," then you might … [Read more...]

From the Top: Toronto, Miami, Aruba, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Sonoma


I guess I should start from the very beginning. I've been on the road (or, more often, in the air) for the last month-and-a-half. From Montreal, I headed to Toronto to celebrate a birthday (not mine, but you can see the gastronomic ramifications from creamy labneh to impeccable … [Read more...]

Byblos: An Eastern Mediterranean Feast in Toronto Worth the Money


Lentils are having a heyday. Is it because 2016 is the International Year of Pulses (so says the UN). Is it Ottolenghi? Has the London-based restaurateur, cookbook author and Guardian contributor inspired this high-end restauraurant in Toronto? Whatever the reason, it's … [Read more...]