Dairy Free Gluten Free Cod Brandade


I knew I could never eat cod brandade. For one, the salt cod was unsustainable. I come from Newfoundland, a Canadian province that knows all about the overfished cod. So I would never buy the giant sheets of the salted stuff from Portuguese markets in Toronto. I also knew … [Read more...]

Lovely Laloux: A Vegan Tasting Menu and Gluten-Free Dim Sum for Montreal en Lumière

spare ribs-dim-sum-brunch-laloux

For two days only, Laloux, the fine dining restaurant extraordinaire of chef Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem, will be serving a $60 six-course vegan tasting menu for Montreal en Lumière. Those courses also happen to be gluten-free! As long as that tagliatelle is made of seaweed and … [Read more...]