Hunting for Shaved Ice in Richmond, BC: Night Markets and Strip Malls

Shaved ice at the richmond night market

I'm a little obsessed with shaved ice. No, not snow cones in paper cups with mysterious blue syrups. I'm talking heaps of ice topped with freshly cut papaya, mango, custard apples, dragonfruit, mushmelon, a little fruit syrup and a little sweetened plain yogurt. That's the … [Read more...]

Top Ten Foods in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Home to Winter, and One Last Shaved Ice


There are these handy tools here in Vietnam for crushing ice. You hold a huge chunk of ice in your hand (like a 1990ès cellphone size) and then whack it with a flat-bottomed mallet. The ice shatters. Voila, Vietnamese shaved ice. That's what I've been doing with the ice I make, … [Read more...]

Flushing Mall: Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice


Did I go all the way to Chinatown II just to have South Indian dosa? No, but it does sound like something I'd do (the dosa at the Dosa Hutt was supposed to be as good as the downtwon Manhattan Dosa cart at Washington Square...but with seating). I am, fortunately, slightly more … [Read more...]