Loïc Wine Bar and Two Wine Events in Montreal

Loic wine bar montreal

First there was Ludger. Now there's Loïc. Here's what you need to know about the second wine bar in Montreal's St-Henri neighbourhood: Decor. It's in an old bank, so the ceilings are high, the feel is hipster but with a grungy looking seating area in front of the bar and a … [Read more...]

Biodynamic Whites and Natural Reds at the RASPIPAV Wine Salon


Last week Raspipav held a wine tasting salon at the Marche Bonsecours. The last time I was in the basement of that building was for Made With Love, an annual very hip cocktail competition. Normally the wine salons happen on the upstairs level of the Marché and have a much … [Read more...]

RASPIPAV and La Grande Degustation Wine Salons in Montreal: Going Greek, local vodka, pure Champagnes, and quality Cali reds


Like Christmas, November's big wine events are over too fast. First, RASPIPAV—the private import wine salon at Marché Bonsecours—played host to every import company in the city. More and more companies are getting on the biodynamic, natural, organic, artisanal wine bandwagon. And … [Read more...]

Descartes’ Drinking Habits


Dear Dad, I heard a joke you'll like today. As a mathematician, I'm sure you'll appreciate it. So Descartes was at a dinner party and the host was offering drinks to all the guests. Host: "Would you like a drink, Descartes?" Descartes: "I think not," Descartes … [Read more...]