Top Travel Trends for Foodies for 2014


My most popular article on Fine Dining Lovers to date, "Food Travel Trends for 2014" is all about taking that exotic vacation you've always (or have never) dreamed of: Trujillo, Peru Amalfi, Italy Goa, India Flushing, NY Ningxia, Taiwan San Francisco, CA Helsinki, … [Read more...]

It’s Always Sunny in Lima: Community Gardens, Snowflakes, and Spring Springing


"Congratulations," said a less-than-enthusiastic female voice. "You have a community garden spot. If you wish to confirm your spot come to our office at..." I waited three years to hear those words. That was the phone message I received a few weeks ago from my local municipal … [Read more...]

Walls of Watermelon, Aisles of Potatoes, Bushels of Chili Peppers and a Lifetime Supply of Mangoes in Lima, Peru


I've been putting off writing this, because every time I look at the photos of this market in the north part of the city of Lima I want to cry. Editing them was very difficult for me. I see mangoes and I can taste their juices. I see heaping piles of dark purple yams and I … [Read more...]

My First Alpaca at Creperie Patrick in Huaraz, Peru


  I splurged on the better cut of alpaca, because you kind of have to when you only have one chance to try to meat. At Creperie Patrick in Huaraz, Peru, Maureen and I really wanted the cuy special, but it was breaded. It ended up being two tiny pieces of deep-fried leg or … [Read more...]

Two Gringas, One Combi and the Chancos Thermal Baths


"Just our luck. Two gringas," says a man squished into the front seat of a small public transport van with his wife, the driver and a dog. In the back, 20 field hands, bank workers, grandmothers/herb and grain sellers, and children fill three rows of seats meant for 3 people each … [Read more...]