Montréal Plaza: Small Plates and Duck Breast


What happens when the former chef de cuisine of Toqué! strews his beautiful mixes of ingredients, colours and flavours over tabletops in Little Italy? This: A lot of black truffles, crispy puffed rice and duck fat. And the best part? About a third of small plates, … [Read more...]

Le Bon Vivant: Little Burgundy’s Newest Neighbourhood Darling


The upside of gentrification is good restaurants. Case in point: Le Bon Vivant, which I believe started as a lunch spot with a small wine list and some local beers and has now grown into one of the nicest street-side dining destinations in the area. It's a notch down in price … [Read more...]

Restaurant Mais: Mexican-inspired fare in the Mile End


Conveniently located in Mile End where everyone wants a fairly priced meal in a relaxed but sleekly-decorated location, Restaurant Mais has its vintage and cocktail-loving clientele cornered. The spot is tiny, doesn't take reservations, and has an open kitchen. … [Read more...]

My Article in Sharp for Men Magazine

Check out my latest article in Sharp for Men Magazine. It's about restaurants serving horse in my two favourite Canadian cities - Montreal and Toronto. From tartar to steaks, it's time to check out this lean red meat. Thanks to David McMillan of JoeBeef for the pro-Montreal … [Read more...]