My Article in the Montreal Gazette: Molecular Cuisine, Sous Vide, and Montreal Restaurants with Delicious Green Spheres


A few months back I interviewed Maxime Bilet and Dr. Hervé This, one chef/inventor and one chemist on molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine. While the conversation drifted to terminology, we found out way back to talking about the basics of the modernist cooking techniques … [Read more...]

“Poutine for the Rest of Canada” and “Prefer Your Poutine a Bit Lighter?” in the Montreal Gazette today


I've got two articles in the Montreal Gazette today! If you love poutine, La Banquise, or are just interested about the new Toronto-based chain opening a locally owned franchise in downtown Montreal, please pick up a copy of the newspaper, flip to the front page of the Weekend … [Read more...]

I’m in the Montreal Gazette: “Montreal caterer has food ‘seekrit’ that keeps spreading”

My article on local heart-healthy caterer Joann Willes and her weekly newsletter/menu (the "seekrit list") is in the Montreal Gazette today. It's also up on their website, so check it out here, then please leave a comment and feel free to share it on facebook or twitter or … [Read more...]

My Halloween Costume, why I no longer want to be a Montreal Gazette, and how not to make Thai Green Curry Soup


I know that title is a bit dense but I swear it's all connected. It all started with a free copy of the Montreal Gazette. At the Lionel-Groulx metro near my house there is often a man handing out free copies of the Montreal Gazette to subway users. He is hard to track down when … [Read more...]