It’s Always Sunny in Lima: Community Gardens, Snowflakes, and Spring Springing


"Congratulations," said a less-than-enthusiastic female voice. "You have a community garden spot. If you wish to confirm your spot come to our office at..." I waited three years to hear those words. That was the phone message I received a few weeks ago from my local municipal … [Read more...]

Walls of Watermelon, Aisles of Potatoes, Bushels of Chili Peppers and a Lifetime Supply of Mangoes in Lima, Peru


I've been putting off writing this, because every time I look at the photos of this market in the north part of the city of Lima I want to cry. Editing them was very difficult for me. I see mangoes and I can taste their juices. I see heaping piles of dark purple yams and I … [Read more...]

Curich Cremolada in Lima, Peru


I hung out with a friend down by the Malecon in Lima one day. That's the seaside boardwalk overlooking the Pacific. It felt a lot like being in Montreal, but with a dramatic ocean view. Okay, so maybe it felt more like being in St. John's, NL, but, you know, hot... Hot enough … [Read more...]