Peruvian Ceviche is Not Mexican Ceviche

Pervuain ceviche

I don't know if I was ever more disappointed in myself than when I realized that I'd never cooked ceviche before... ...because goodness knows I've eaten more than my fair share. I basically had it every other day for two months in Lima, Peru and almost order it (and am … [Read more...]

Lima’s Best Cevicherias: La Mer and Pescados Capitales aren’t the only places for quality, sustainable lime and chili-marinated fish


I ate a lot of ceviche in Lima. In the name of research and pleasure, of course. I sought out sustainable options, but Lima doesn't always know what sustainable means in the first place. Farmed fish fed wild fishfeed? Not so sustainable, especially if it's laced with antibiotics. … [Read more...]