$150 White Truffles That Make a $50 Steak Seem Like a Bargain

$150 truffles and $50 steak - atwater market montrea

Let me preface this post by saying that I believe in¬†spending a little more money on higher quality food. When the average American family and individual¬†only spends 9.7% of their annual disposal income on food (down from 20% in the 50's), I get scared. That's an average. That … [Read more...]

Dates, Leopoldo, and Tania

The final Jean-Talon fruit vendor test was dates. Medjool, not dinner and drinks. In fact, I've had worse dinners than these dates before. I won't get into it, but trust me, sometimes you're better off with medjools. Now, I've gotten picky with my dates recently (lets focus on … [Read more...]

Competition #3 Between Leopoldo and the Man With Whom I’m Cheating on Him

...and there there's fennel. It's clear I'm obsessed with this vegetable, and as disappointed as I've been with my fruit guy, Leopoldo, the last few times I've bought it, I decided it was time to try again. But the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and … [Read more...]

Fruit Vendor Throwdown: Dancing, My First Persimmon and Knowing That Something’s Missing

Have you ever had an experience where it ends and all you think is "Huh...That's it?" Yeah, that's kind of how I felt with persimmons, except, well, it wasn't really a disappointed "that's it". Some people can take things so seriously. Sometimes all you're saying is simply, … [Read more...]

Cheating on My Fruit Guy

The world is letting me down. First my "free Gazette man" and now my fruit guy. Good thing I still have Guillaume. Loyal Guillaume with his incredible sourdough and his yeast that smells like strawberry jam-filled donuts. I swear. This is not about Guillaume. This is about … [Read more...]