Local Organic Yellow Pea Curry (Almost Chana Masala)


Wondering what to do with those yellow whole peas in your Lufa Farms fresh basket? You can use them exactly as you'd use chickpeas. So soak them in a bowl of cold water overnight and then drain them and boil them with about two inches of water (2 cups dried chickpeas = 4 cups … [Read more...]

Bangladeshi Red Lentils

Vegetarian Indian meal with Dal, rice,green beans, squash, cucumber,yogurt, and dates

For the dal dish for my Indian dinner party I did the simplest red lentil recipe in the book (At Home With Jadhur Maffrey). It was so easy I figured it'd be bland and boring, but I knew there would be other flavours in the other dishes to pick up the slack in the meal. There … [Read more...]

My Indian kitchen: Sweet and Sour Butternut Squash


I find myself buying butternut squash three at a time. Is that ridiculous? I'll usually roast them and then eat the chunks with rice or kamut or barley for lunch or a snack or a side dish. But I have the attention span of a goldfish recipe-wise, and I get bored of making the … [Read more...]

Back At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: South Indian-Style Green Beans with Sesame, Cumin and Mustard Seeds

South Indian-Style Green Beans with Sesame, Cumin, and Mustard Seeds

I meant to make an Indian mustard pickle, but when I went to prepare the third dish for my small Indian dinner party - green beans - I couldn't remember which recipe I had decided to use. This one for South Indian style green beans is pretty boring, it's true, but it won't upset … [Read more...]