Canning Class Today: Organic Strawberry Jam and Pickled Eggplant


Want to learn to make jam and pickle vegetables? Now's your chance! I'm giving a canning class today, Sunday, June 21st from 3-6pm in my Montreal kitchen. The class costs $30 but you get $10 off your first class when you sign up through Bookalokal. You'll … [Read more...]

“What do you do with 30 Lbs of Cucumbers?” Part 3: Dill Pickles

Dill Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

In between sushi meals, I pickled. There's a whole lot of energy in sweetened and vinegared white rice, it turns out. Finding a good basic dill pickle recipe, however, turned out to be tricky. Now I know I should have gone either to my Joy of Cooking or to the US National Centre … [Read more...]

Canned and Pickled Everything

The person who gave me the copy I have of the 1948 Joy of Cooking and a cast-iron skillet came to my house for lunch. It had to be one heck of a thank-you lunch. The 1948 freaking Joy of Cooking, for goodness sake! (I edited that sentence...) So we had soup, yes, one of my … [Read more...]

Sticking Things In Cans (Well, jars, really…but it wasn’t such a “jarring” experience)

Today I learned to can. I'm a very strange girl in her 20's who obsesses about things such as canning. I've been trying to find someone to show me the wonders of this jar-art all summer. Well, I understand already how wonderful it is, so maybe more the intricacies of canning was … [Read more...]