Chana Masala from “My Indian Kitchen”


There are three tricks to making delicious¬†Indian food: Don't use canned beans or lentils thinking they will taste as good as fresh Don't use pre-ground spices they will taste as good as freshly toasted and ground whole spices Follow the freaking recipe! At least the … [Read more...]

Chicken Curry in a Hurry from “My Indian Kitchen”


When I see a cutely named chicken curry recipe I get scared. It usually means commercial "curry powder" (NOT powder curry leaves...) made of a mix of ground spices ground who knows how long ago. It takes a little more effort to make your own, but you can't argue with results. So … [Read more...]

Lemon Rice with Peanuts from Hari Nayak’s “My Indian Kitchen”


I like the idea of lemony rice. So often rice is a foil - for a curry sauce, for a meat dish, for dinner's protagonist, etc. But if you add some protein to a rice dish it almost becomes a meal on its own, and then it needs some flavour. Most often in Indian cuisine that means … [Read more...]