Falling in LOV


When omnivores, carnivores and vegetarians alike are talking about a new restaurant in Montreal, it's a big deal. Because depending on your love of marinated tempeh, nutritional yeast-seasoned rice bowls and turmeric-tinged scrambled tofu, your opinion of vegan cuisine may … [Read more...]

Copper Branch: Indulgent Vegetarian Restaurants in Montreal


Copper Branch = Where you eat if you're craving poutine or a burger...and you're gluten free or vegan – because what you're left with when you get rid of the bun, the cheese, the gravy and the burger at a regular snackbar is, essentially, a piece of lettuce. And that's awfully … [Read more...]

Invitation V at MTL à Table


My first stop this year for Mtl à Table, the magical restaurant week of prix fixe menus, was Invitation V, a vegan gastronomic bistro on rue Bernard in the Mile End. "Wait, wait, wait..." you say, as the oxymoron rings in your ears. "Gastronomic bistro" and "vegan" in … [Read more...]

MTL à Table: Taverne F and Gluten-Free Fine Dining


My first restaurant of this year's Taste MTL (aka MTL à Table or Montreal Restaurant Week) was Taverne F. I generally don't dine at 10 p.m. but when the deal is this good... $19 for two courses. From the handful of options, I chose: Sardines with vegetable escabèche, and Grilled … [Read more...]

Cafe Verdure: New Vegan, Gluten-Free Restaurant Hits Vegetarian Alley


Mackay Street just got even more vegetarian thanks to the addition of Cafe Verdure. The sort-of-Indian, all-healthy sandwich and burger cafe doesn't think setting up shop next to big guns including La Panthere Verte and Crudessence will be bad for business. And maybe the … [Read more...]