Gluten-Free Fine Dining at Three of Montreal’s Newest Restaurants: Hvor, Le Fantôme and Candide


Eating out is hard when you're gluten free. Even with a recent resurgence of heritage grains and healthy rice bowls, it's really nice to not always be stuck eating at home. Sure, it'd be nice to go to Patisserie Patrice and buy something gorgeous and flaky and creamy (life's … [Read more...]

Baby it’s Cold Outside: The Best Soups, Stews and Slow Cooker Recipes


This should be illegal, this cold weather. My nose thought it was done almost freezing off for the year. But it got a nasty surprise the other day when the cold snap came. Now my nose hates me. And all it wants is soup. Fortunately, that's something I can get into. … [Read more...]

Photos from the 8th Annual Volk/Watson Christmas Extravaganza: Star Wars!


This happened neither a long, long time ago nor in a galaxy far, far away – and thank goodness, because those scallops tasted a whole lot better fresh... Here are all the pictures. Thanks to everyone who made it. Recipes are forthcoming.   … [Read more...]

Baked Chicken and Rice with Okra…and Changing the World


I still dream about this dish. I have one serving in my freezer and I'm saving it for a special occasion when I'll need healthy comfort, like when the Habs lose game five, or for days worthy of a small celebration, like when Trump is ousted from politics forever (which will be … [Read more...]

Three Slow-Cooker Recipes and Throwing Off Winter with Lamb Tajine, Tequila Chicken Tacos and the Ultimate Tomato Sauce


Was that snow falling outside my window the other day? I refuse to believe that those big pillows of fluff weren't hallucinations. There's no way we're subzero and it's not even November yet. My general rule is that if it's not worse in Newfoundland than here in Montreal at … [Read more...]