Great Fish Sushi Class Last Week, and Announcing an Upcoming Vegetarian Sushi Class in Montreal

vegetarian sushi class montreal

Thanks to all the participants in my sustainable sushi class last week. Between the perfectly washed rice, expertly wrapped maki, carefully shaped lobster nigiri, and beautifully molded onigiri, I think we did more than alright. Would it make a Japanese grandmother proud? … [Read more...]

Last Chance to Sign up for my Sushi Making Class in Montreal This Sunday, May 25, 3-6pm

Sushi class Montreal

I have two spots left in my sushi-making class this Sunday. Sushi Class, May 25th The Menu: Organic miso soup Sustainable tuna sashimi Sustainable smoked salmon or char nigiri Quebec crab California rolls Nordic shrimp maki Inside-out avocado-cucumber rolls Mango … [Read more...]

Risotto Cooking Class Montreal: Seafood Risotto and Wild Mushroom Risotto


Slowly. Stir. Breathe. Stir. Blending hot stock into wine, letting the starch create a thick sauce as you coax it from the grains, making sure the bottom doesn’t stick. This isn’t Korean bibimbap. This isn’t Indian biryani. This isn’t Chinese congee. There’s nothing like … [Read more...]

Hot and Spicy Thai Cooking Class: The photos


Thanks to all the great participants in my last hot and spicy Thai cooking class. We cooked up some stellar pad thai, spicy eggplant with sacred basil, and a from-scratch green curry chicken that tasted of the fresh cilantro and the garden. And the mango cocktails to start didn't … [Read more...]

Montreal Canning Class this Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 4:30pm: Peach, raspberry and strawberry jam


Want to learn to can? Love jam? Want to take home a jar of delicious confiture? You can! In fact, you can can! Whether your legs go above your head is up to you, but we can all eat jam with just enough sugar and a generous amount of maple syrup... Learn all about safe … [Read more...]