Rum-Raisin Lemon Loaf with Lucuma Glaze


When you're craving something sweet, but you're not craving cookies and you're not craving cake and you're not craving ice might be craving a sweet loaf. I get this particular craving when I feel like baking something sweet and I have the patience to get out the … [Read more...]

Party Prep: Pastry, Peppers and Imperfect Polenta

With all the preparations for the 2nd annual family house party in full swing, I tackled the ''P's". Fresh off my mousse mistakes, I decided to separate the great Mocha Buche de Noel into sections. This is first of all necessary, as the mousse needs to be frozen, the soufflĂ© … [Read more...]

Buttermilk Pound Cake with Blueberry Honey Wine Glaze

What does one do when one goes to an 18th Century Quebec Marketplace? Learn to weave, blacksmith, and sample honey wines, I suppose. That's what I did a few months ago, anyway, and have had a bottle of bottle of Blueberry Honey Wine being saved for a special occasion ever since. … [Read more...]

Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts by Alice Medrich


After hours of searching for a real, but cream-free, chocolate mousse in vain (so many unwanted tofu and avocado options) I gave up. Some things are just not meant to be. Until my birthday. Then looking through my favourite cookbook, I decided on a Bittersweet Chocolate Truffle … [Read more...]