Sweet Sesame Eggplant and Chicken Salad Bowl


This is what you should do with leftover turkey or chicken. Always. It's a variation on Karen Solomon's Korean spinach recipe. She's the author extraordinaire of Asian Pickles Korea, a book every exotic flavour-loving pickler should have. She calls herself a "culinary … [Read more...]

Brined Turkey with Grapefruit and Cranberries, à la di Stasio

A couple of weeks ago at the Appetite for Books anniversary party, I met Josée di Stasio. Now, if you're an anglophone you're probably going, "Huh? Who's that?" And I'm here to tell you that you need to figure it out. She's a French television cooking show host that is everything … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2012 – The Photos


Wow. What a dinner. The brined turkey tasted like amazing pho' broth soaking into the most tender meat. The stuffing with gluten-free bread absorbed it all too, with just a little smokiness (others said. I couldn't taste the smoke), maybe from the oven, which was smoking, or … [Read more...]

Turkey Pot Shepherd’s Pie

Take two wonderful things and stick them together. Things I like better about chicken pot pie than shepherd's pie: 1. It's made with chicken, not beef 2. There's a sweeter, lighter taste from the gravy, and you can even make it creamy if you want 3. It's made from … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey With Chocolate Sourdough Dried Fig, Apricot, Date, Cranberry, an Apple Stuffing

Turkey is so easy. The bird had been sitting in wait overnight, being moisturized by the Sichuan peppercorn salt under its skin and in its belly. Next step was to stuff it with the Chocolate Sourdough dried fruit stuffing and sprinkle the top with more of the salt. Then a pastry … [Read more...]