Living for Charcuterie, Chicken and Chenin at La Buvette Chez Simone


How do you define Montreal as a food city? We have a little of everything, but we specialize in a very open interpretation of French-inspired cuisine. We're grazers – a little of this and a little of that, all accompanied by a glass of wine or a beer. And we enjoy a … [Read more...]

My Article on Société-Orignal on Fine Dining Lovers: Ice Plant, Marshmallow root, and Local Caviar That’s Good Enough for Boulud


I'm on FineDiningLovers this week with my article on Montreal's Société-Orignal. Learn about what Montreal's Laloux restaurant does with ice plant, Europea does with cloudberries, and Toronto's Buca does with immature elderberries. And what doesn't go with sustainable, local … [Read more...]

Exquisite La Porte Restaurant in Montreal

La porte restaurant montreal

"Can we go to that place you sent me last time?" Designing food itineraries for friends and family travelling to Montreal is like giving a kid a firecracker—dangerous and fun. Last time my mom was in town I dropped her off at La Porte for a solo dinner I couldn't stay for, sad … [Read more...]

Best New Restaurants in Canada: Four Montreal Restaurants Make the Cut


Blackstrap BBQ—one of four best new restaurants in Canada located in Montreal (photo by Tara Hunt/flickr).  Sharp for Men just released their Best New Restaurants in Canada 2013 list, and four Montreal restaurants nabbed a spot on the list. They are: Maison … [Read more...]