Cocktail Invasion 2017: May 10-16 in Montreal


Invasion¬†Cocktail is launching its 4th edition from May 10th to 16th in Montreal,¬†which includes: a week of special cocktail lists in tons of bars and restaurants a big opening night party in Old Montreal a sugar shack cocktail brunch at Au Pied de Cochon's famous Cabane … [Read more...]

Stout-Poached Apples with Sarsaparilla Mousse, Smoked Puff Pastry and Cilantro Syrup at Cafe Sardine, and Where to Find the Best Apple Dishes at Montreal Restaurants This Week


Check out my story on the best apple dishes in Montreal at Please 'like it', tweet it, or leave a comment! I want to turn this into a Montreal restaurant series on where to eat each week with a focus on a particular ingredient. Want to hear about where to find the … [Read more...]

Sustainable Seafood, Part 4: Truck Driver Gilbert Comeau on Fish Economics

Gilbert Comeau makes a weekly trip to Montreal from Nova Scotia with a truck of fresh and frozen fish and seafood for Norref Fisheries and several other distributors and even a restaurant or two. He's been in the business a long time, and provided a unique perspective on the … [Read more...]

Sustainable Seafood, Part 3: Interview with Joline D’Entremont of Evan’s Fresh Seafood in Montreal

Joline D'Entremont used to be the delivery driver of Evan's Fresh Seafood in Montreal. Every Saturday morning she would meet her trucker friend Gilbert in Montreal at the end of his trip from Nova Scotia the day before where he loaded up his truck at fish plants around the … [Read more...]