Peruvian Dinner Party: Shrimp and Garlic Chive Causa, Vegetarian Tacu Tacu, Tamalitos with Onion Sauce, and Dairy-Free Maple-Lucuma Ice Cream

Two of my favourite things:

1. Relaxed dinner parties with appreciative friends

2. Chili Peppers

Maybe not in that order…

So when I came back from Lima, Peru, I brought dried aji amarillo (orange hot chili peppers), white corn maize flour for tamales, and powdered lucuma with me. My plan was to do a low-fuss Peruvian meal combining all sorts of traditions that may or may not actually go together in that country, but would give a kind of overview of what the various regions of the country had to offer.

The menu:

White corn tamales with onion sauce



Fresh tomato salsa


Jalapeno salsa

Aji Amarillo salsa

Shrimp de Matane (Quebec Nordic shrimp) “causa” (and a vegetarian version with blanches garlic chives)


Vegetarian “tacu tacu”

tomato salsa, tacu tacu, amarillo chili paste, causa mayonnaise, and tamalito with onion salsa

and for dessert, Lucuma-Maple Syrup Ice Cream

Lucuma Maple Syrup Ice Cream

The recipes partly came from the website “The Art of Peruvian Cuisine“, and partly from googled recipes that looked authentic. The ice cream was a hybrid of my own creation, and was honestly the best dessert (and ice cream) I’ve made in months (and THAT is saying something because I’ve been on a bit of an ice cream streak).

Above are the pictures, and the recipes are soon to come!


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