Oyster Boy

Oyster Boy
872 Queen West
Toronto, ON
9 out of 10 (for the oysters)
7 out of 10 (for cooked food)

Oysters, just oysters

These are good oysters…I didn’t want to look at the price, but these were very, very good oysters.
American Blue Point and Kumamoto, New Brunswick Caraquet, skip the Beaujolais and Malpeque because they’re so standard (thus overpriced here). Best was the other pacific kind that I can’t remember the name of. The oysters change all the time, though, so some will always be there and others you’ll have to get lucky to find. Try a variety. You can order them invidually, by the half dozen, or by the dozen. they come with three sauces – red wine vinegar and shallots, a ketchup-like sweet tomato sauce, and a spicy sweet chili sauce. Try them all on their own first. Nice touch with the freshly shaved horseradish in the middle of the platter. Fresh lemon slices too, but, hy would you want that? The oysters don’t need it. Maybe as a palette cleanser. 3 dozen oysters were the highlight of the meal. Yes, they serve other food, but again, why would you want that? It’s not bad, but it’s not oysters.

I tried the arctic char that came with fingerling potatoes roasted in duck fat and spinach sautéed in white wine. The spinach was very good. The potatoes were just potatoes. The char was simply seared, and just didn’t sing. The potatoes were better with the ketchup-like sauce for the oysters, and the char was better with the chili sauce. So much duck fat this week….Sturgeon ceviche? No. If sturgeon tasted like lemon, this would have been good ceviche. 2 pieces of roasted beets, 2 walnuts and 2 slices of nice pear in a green salad with red wine vinaigrette? Sure, but leave room for more oysters.

Well shucked, boy. Well shucked.

Expect to Pay: $50-$70 per person, including tax and tip
Hours: Mon-Wed 5pm-10pm, Thu-Fri 5pm-11pm, Sat 3pm-11pm, Sun 3pm-10pm
(416) 534-3432


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