Montreal’s Best Desserts Results!

Thanks to everyone who got in touch with me about their favourite Montreal dessert places, and especially thanks to the special people who ate a ton of cake with/for me. There are still half-pieces of maybe 8 desserts in my fridge, so my roommate has his breakfast work cut out for him for awhile. He was a great second opinion on the Brulerie St-Denis cakes, using wonderful adjectives, and discerning the hint of vanilla in the icing of the carrot cake that I had missed(!).

10 or so pieces of baklava and syrup-soaked pastries, 3 carrot cakes, 2 chocolate mousses, a chocolate cake, a chocolate swirl cheesecake, a key lime pie, a banana cake and a raspberry almond cake later, I think I’m done with cake for awhile. I did sneak leftovers of my favourites today and my stomach is currently wreaking havoc on the rest of my body. It doesn’t quite understand that, try as it might, I’m not letting it escape. There are so many more things with which to fill it. Savoury things. Like vegetables. And lemon. And salad. So, so much salad. To see the whole article summarizing last week’s adventures, check out Midnight Poutine.

Here’s a list of the winners:
Top 10 Dessert Places in Montreal
1. La Croissanterie Figaro
2. Crudessence
3. Aux Deux Marie
4. Le Cagibi
5. Brocante Baleze
6. Brulerie St-Denis
7. Aux Vivres
8. Au Festin De Babette
9. Calories
10. Rockaberry

And here’s the inside scoop for those who read here as well:
The best cakes were definitely at La Croissanterie Figaro, the reasons for which I explain in the Midnight Poutine post, but when you’re craving cake, you’re maybe not thinking about the best quality cakes. The Croissanterie Figaro cakes were light and beautiful and art in cake-form – chocolate mousse success like I’ve never achieved myself – but when I get a cake craving I will probably end up going to Aux Deux Marie for their chocolate mousse or carrot cake instead. Kind of like you know you’d be better off with the guy who has a house, a steady income, and a responsible four-door sedan, but instead you go out with the guy with the motorcycle and a mickey of gin. You know it’s not the ‘best’ choice for you, but you do it anyway. Fortunately I don’t often have this problem, as I would not want to combine a motorcycle with a mickey of gin. See? This is a responsible blog. Maybe even all-ages, what with the celebration of cake. It’s important to teach kids good decision-making skills while they’re young, I hear. I also digress…

So now I’m proud to say I know the best desserts in Montreal and am more than capable of recommending a place from a long list of sweet options. Feel free to disagree with me, though. In fact, please do! Let me know if I forgot somewhere. For instance, I hear tell that Beauty’s has good home-made chocolate cake, but I could not physically handle another sampling of chocolate cake when I heard this, thus it got left off the list. Not good investigative journalism, I admit, but there is a line, and that would have passed it. To thine own self be true. Know your cake limits. Shakespeare knew about this stuff…


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