Il Gelataio 1600 and the Other Ice Cream Maker in my Kitchen


I currently have two ice cream/gelato makers in my kitchen. Two. How ridiculous is that? The Gelato Maker 1600 (“Il Gelataio 1600″ – the official Italian name makes it sounds more prestigious) and I are getting along well so far. It sits there and I stare at it in wonder. It’s about 2 feet long, 1 foot wide and 1 foot high and looks like some contraption from the early 90’s, which it probably is. It’s basically a mini freezer that you plug into the wall. The smaller ice cream maker that looks like a rice cooker has a removable freezer container that you stick in your fridge freezer for awhile and then add the ice cream and stir periodically for about 25 minutes. The advantage of Il Gelataio 1600 is that it stirs itself.

It freaking stirs itself. I’m dumbfounded.

Right now I have a mixture of almond milk, honey, eggs, almond extract and lucuma powder sitting in the little rice cooker/gelato making guy. I feel a little cheated that I have to get up from writing this every two minutes to stir the thing (slowly, clockwise). But when the ice cream is done and I I’m scooping it out of the frozen container with a spoon and I’m smiling…it’ll all be worth it. Next time I’m giving ol’ Gelataio a spin. For scientific comparison purposes, of course.

And, for pleasure. Always for pleasure.


  1. says

    Having lost the paddle/churn for my pretty ancient but efficient Il Gelataio 1600 Breville machine, I would love to acquire/purchas same should anyone have one.

    • Sue says

      I have the paddle and also the nut. Happy to send them together or separately if Doris wants.

      So sad that my second longest relationship has been with Il Gelataio. Had it working great from the seventies until 2016 and cant find a good substitute!

  2. eric says


    j’ai perdu la palette de ma gelatine 1600 je serai ravi d’en acquérir une .
    Merci de me contacter

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