Festival en Lumière – The Montreal Highlights Festival: Switzerland and Washington, DC

I have an article on the Gazette website this week about this year’s happiest foodie time of the year—Festival en Lumière, aka the Montreal Highlights Festival. This year the guest country is Switzerland, which means a host of Michelin-starred chefs are descending on Montreal kitchens ready to sear, braise and season up a storm. And as much as I wish they were bringing their service staff with them for the true Michelin Star experience, the fancy meals (as well as cheap lunches, happy hours and free cheese tastings) are enough to lure a food-lover out of the safety of their homes for the next two weekends.

I spoke with the organizers, the chef and guest chef of Europea, the chef and guest chef of Laurie Raphael and the manager of l’État-Major and Les 400 Coups to get the inside scoop on the festival. And I throw in some suggestions on where to go depending on your budget. Happy eating!

Here’s the article on the Montreal Gazette website.

Photo credit: Équipe Spectra

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