CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera – Saturday, June 2nd, 1pm-3pm

I’m going to be on Definitely Not the Opera on CBC Radio 1 tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, June 2nd, some time between 1:30pm and 3:30pm. The show’s theme is Homesickness, so you’ll hear me wax poetic about moving to big cities, Newfoundland dinner parties, drinking games, and Republic of Doyle.

So proud to be in a lineup of such interesting stories! Check it out tomorrow. It may make it onto the DNTO podcast, so if it does I’ll post a link to that when it’s available.

Update: Here’s the link to the DNTO podcast. Allan Hawco is interviewed after my piece near the beginning, so stick around after my bit.

Photo credit: Laurence Zankowski – “Untitled” from Fotopedia


  1. mark says

    Just heard your story and the Hawco interview. I live in Montreal and am a Doyle fan myself. I’m a transplanted american, but my wife is from NL, her folks own a farm in Markland, west of St John’s, which I love to visit when I can. I’m not into drinking games, but woll think of you whenever Doyle takes a punch. Looking forward to next season.

    Have you ever reviewed Chu Chai, one of our fave restaurants in the city,

    • says

      Thanks so much, Mark! I’m so happy to know there will be more people laughing with me when Jake almost gets punched.

      Chu Chai is one of my vegetarian friends’ favourite restaurant, too. It’s closed while the family who owns it is away on holidays. I haven’t reviewed it, but I hear good things. Have you been Crudessence and Aux Vivres?

      • mark says

        We have not been to Crudessence or Aux Vivres, will check them out. We use the organic butcher at Atwater market, definitely notice improved flavor but agree they are not cheap! My wife grew up in Nunavut, she is going to try and get some wild arctic char from friends there if they can ship! I am a geneticist at UdeM and have colleagues at MUN, we did a big Genome Canada project on gene discovery starting from patients seen in the Maritimes or NL/Lab.

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