Amie Watson on Breakfast Television: Talking Wine in Montreal


In case you missed me drinking at 8 a.m. a little while ago, here's my segment from Breakfast Television Montreal on CityTV talking about three Montreal wine events and tasting some organic and natural wine with show co-host Derick Fage: You have no idea how relieved I was … [Read more...]

Video: Fruit, Vegetables, Fish and Meat at the Surquillo Market in Lima

Boy am I conspicuous. Even without a mini camcorder I stick out like a sore thumb in Lima. Fortunately I've been here before and generally know where I'm going and what not to do (carry a purse or shoulder bag, talk loudly and arrogantly in English, walk places alone at night, … [Read more...]

Modernist Cuisine Cryo-Shucked Oysters and How to Avoid Embarassment at an All-You-Can Eat Oyster Buffet


In this video, Chef Anjana Shanker of the Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab in Bellevue, Washington shows me how to shuck oysters the easy way - with liquid nitrogen: Okay, so maybe not the "everyman" method of shucking, but it sure is efficient. All you do is pop them in … [Read more...]

Smoked Maple Syrup and the World’s Best Pastrami in the Modernist Cuisine Competition BBQ Smoker


This smoker has never seen a Carolina BBQ competition as far as I know. But that's what it was built for - the most tender brisket and ribs that side of Texas (I joke!).* It was built for the Modernist Cuisine lab to do exactly this - make the best pastrami I've ever eaten. It … [Read more...]