Tiradito: The Best Fish Ceviche in Montreal From a Peruvian, Gaston Acurio-Trained Chef


I've spent a ridiculous amount of time in my life hunting for amazing ceviche, and I'm so happy to say Montreal now has a place doing a decent version with fish. Anyone (even me, even you) can do a tasty version with cooked Nordic shrimp or snow crab. But to do a raw version … [Read more...]

The Montreal Gluten Free Pastry Throwdown: Le Marquis vs. L’Artisan Délices San Gluten


This Montreal gluten free bakery throwdown is a bit like the Bible. Or at least that part at the beginning with all the begat-ing. Adam begat so-and-so who begat so-and-so who begat so-and-so. (NB: During fact-checking, I realized that the whole begating thing is pretty … [Read more...]

The Adelaide Oyster House: Defining Cool Dining in St. John’s, Newfoundland


St. John's has a lack of cool restaurants - I mean the kind of place where The Arcade Fire segues into James Blake over the course of a small-plates filled evening. There's usually some kind of exposed brick wall, a welcoming bar with small-batch booze, comfortable banquettes, … [Read more...]

Lovely Laloux: A Vegan Tasting Menu and Gluten-Free Dim Sum for Montreal en Lumière

spare ribs-dim-sum-brunch-laloux

For two days only, Laloux, the fine dining restaurant extraordinaire of chef Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem, will be serving a $60 six-course vegan tasting menu for Montreal en Lumière. Those courses also happen to be gluten-free! As long as that tagliatelle is made of seaweed and … [Read more...]