Falling in LOV


When omnivores, carnivores and vegetarians alike are talking about a new restaurant in Montreal, it's a big deal. Because depending on your love of marinated tempeh, nutritional yeast-seasoned rice bowls and turmeric-tinged scrambled tofu, your opinion of vegan cuisine may … [Read more...]

Top 10 End-of-2016 Restaurants in Montreal


This is a 100% subjective list of the restaurants in Montreal that earned top marks for me this year, or held strong from previous years. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But for something new...well, go to: 1. Le Fantôme This fine dining place in Griffintown is tasting … [Read more...]

Living for Charcuterie, Chicken and Chenin at La Buvette Chez Simone


How do you define Montreal as a food city? We have a little of everything, but we specialize in a very open interpretation of French-inspired cuisine. We're grazers – a little of this and a little of that, all accompanied by a glass of wine or a beer. And we enjoy a … [Read more...]

Le Bon Vivant: Little Burgundy’s Newest Neighbourhood Darling


The upside of gentrification is good restaurants. Case in point: Le Bon Vivant, which I believe started as a lunch spot with a small wine list and some local beers and has now grown into one of the nicest street-side dining destinations in the area. It's a notch down in price … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Restaurant Recommendations

UE - Big in Japan bar

For some of these restaurant recommendations, it's too late to get a reservation, but for others, who knows? So if you're the going out on V-Day type, here are some places worth the splurge and others that don't take advantage of your romantic side by jacking up prices. BUT! To … [Read more...]