Crispy Roasted Chicken Breasts with Fennel, Carrots and White Wine

roasted chicken supreme with fennel, carrots and beans

This is one of those "looks fancy, but isn't" recipes. You roast a bunch of fennel and carrots with some white wine and then throw some marinated chicken breasts on top, letting their juices soak into the vegetables. If you feel ambitious, you add some beans and peas. Yup, … [Read more...]

Three Slow-Cooker Recipes and Throwing Off Winter with Lamb Tajine, Tequila Chicken Tacos and the Ultimate Tomato Sauce


Was that snow falling outside my window the other day? I refuse to believe that those big pillows of fluff weren't hallucinations. There's no way we're subzero and it's not even November yet. My general rule is that if it's not worse in Newfoundland than here in Montreal at … [Read more...]

Chicken with Wild Mushrooms and Salicorne

chicken with salicone and wild mushrooms

The best thing you can give me is food I can eat. Well, maybe love. I'd have to be pretty heartless to say, "Keep your feelings to yourself" – especially if you're coming to my house for dinner and I've cooked a birthday meal and I'm lactose and gluten intolerant, thus making … [Read more...]

Halibut with Currants, Harissa and Sherry

halibut with currants harissa and sherry

This sweet and sour sauce soaks into the halibut, playing off the silky, savoury onions and crispy crusted but tender fish.The harissa gives it a smoky, mildly spicy, tomato base. A quick sear and a gentle braise is all it takes. Halibut with Currants, Harissa and Sherry  3 … [Read more...]

Sakezuke Miso-Maple Chicken Thighs with Roasted Carrots

sake-lees-miso-chicken and carrots

When you make sake, what's left over are the lees – bits of steamed sticky rice mixed with koji, the bacteria used to ferment the rice into alcohol. Like juicing, you end up with tons of this stuff. And like juicing, it'd be a shame to throw it out. It's full of all sorts of … [Read more...]