Creamy Wild Mushroom and Shrimp Risotto (Dairy Free)


Lactose intolerant? Can't eat Parmesan? Not feeling like drowning yourself in dairy and suffering from a heavy-stomached post-risotto feeling of regret? I love the idea of slow-simmering rice in broth until the starch of the rice makes the dish creamy. The traditional cheese … [Read more...]

Masters Sunday Masterpieces and What to Cook for a Potluck

masters sunday menu and recipes

My dad has an annual tradition of inviting all of his golf friends and their partners over to watch the last day of the Masters, the annual golf tournament that ends with someone wearing a green jacket. It's the only time of the year my dad orders catering – he usually gets a … [Read more...]

Swordfish with Sunflower, Currants and Capers


If you're trying to eat a little healthier, this recipe adapted from Bonnie Stern's The Best of HeartSmart Cooking is for you. Nine grams of fat per serving, 204 calories, 400 mg of potassium and 23 grams of protein mean you'll feel satisfied without the heavy feeling or the … [Read more...]

How to Cook Whole Fish: Baked Sustainable Bass Stuffed with Herbs


Make this when you have leftover parsley or white wine. You can do it the mild way (Italian) or the spicy way (Asian). The difference is chili flakes and soy or fish sauce. One note about sustainability: Ask your fishmonger where the fish comes from and how it was caught. If it … [Read more...]

Pasta-Maker Gluten-Free Fusilli with Tomato Sauce

homemade gluten-free fusilli

It's too beautiful a day to write a sad story about great gluten-free fusilli. So I'm going to leave the sad parts out about the context of this meal, and concentrate on the swirls of pasta that extruded from my pasta maker a couple weeks ago. I do love my pasta maker. It was … [Read more...]