Greek Dolmades: Vegan, Healthy and Local (if you Forage the Vine Leaves)


I'd walked past the vine leaves outside my community garden hundreds of times, but I'd never put them to use in my kitchen until now. I know they're good for two things: pickling cucumbers (they supposedly keep the pickles firmer without adding any chemicals) and dolmades … [Read more...]

One-Dish Seafood Bake: Prosecco-Poached Turbot, Mussels and Clams with Herb Vinaigrette


I rarely splurge on halibut. Sure, the texture's nice—it's a firm, white fish—but I usually feel there's just not enough flavour to justify the price tag. Poissonerie Atwater doesn't have the greatest selection of well-priced, quality fish. But fortunately there was turbot in … [Read more...]

Nun’s Island Farmers Market Recipes: Spiced Eggplant Confit and Deconstructed Greek Salad

Today I'm at the Nun's Island Farmers Market cooking in the fall chill. I guess I should be pan-grilling pumpkin with parsley and lemon zest, but I'm staying less autumnal with olive oil-simmered eggplant and a tomato-heavy Greek salad. It was about time I took advantage of the … [Read more...]

Home, and Stuffed Caihua with Huacatay Sauce


There are a handful of things that feel strange after leaving Peru yesterday. 1. Drinking from a water fountain 2. Throwing toilet paper in the toilet 3. Having hot water come from a tap 4. Turning on the heat 5. Seeing a mango on my kitchen counter 6. Worrying about … [Read more...]

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Whole Yellow Peas?


The answer is clearly "yes," unfortunately. But one more recipe for the local legume won't kill you. And this one doesn't have anything funny in it like mango powder. The best part? Garlic slices that turn sweet in the broth. You can slow-cook or oven-bake this dish. And though I … [Read more...]