Teriyaki BBQ Unagi (aka How to Cook an Eel)


Did you know that unagi on a sushi menu means eel? There sure ain't no Caterpillar in your Caterpillar roll. Instead, that's generally eel that's been grilled, slathered in teriyaki sauce, vacuum-packed sous vide in plastic, frozen, shipped half way around the world, defrosted … [Read more...]

Booze-tacular Turbot, and Other Fish Tales


When you brew a giant batch of saké with a master Kombucha scientist, you end up with a lot of saké. I'm not talking awesome saké, but table saké – the kind of saké that I'm happy to make friends taste, but won't crave after a long day. So what do I do with approximately 10 … [Read more...]

Cider-Braised Turkey Thigh and why the Oven is Better than a Slow Cooker


How could anything be better than the fix-it-and-forget-it mentality of slow cookers and their resulting fork tender meat? you ask. Excellent question. In a slow cooker, the skin (if you use it) ends up flimsy and gelatinous, even if you sear it beforehand. The only work … [Read more...]

Jawa Juice: Grapefruit-Basil Cocktail Punch with Frozen Cherries (Aperol Optional)


Is Aperol ever really optional? It's a bit like tying your shoe laces. You could leave them untied, but that would be dumb. Still, the virgin version of this punch is plenty passable (though less red). Either way, the key is the bittersweet grapefruit-basil syrup. Don't … [Read more...]

Frog’s Legs, Chicken Wings or Scallops in Brandy


The original recipe is for frogs legs and it's in honour of Jabba the Hut's preference for eating them in brandy (see Christmas Party 2015 for further explanation). But frog's legs are somewhat hard to come by in Newfoundland, let alone in the middle of winter, so I subbed … [Read more...]