Sweet and Spicy Slow-Cooker Turkey with Pinto Beans


I kind of cheated on this one. Instead of making a sauce, I just threw in a bunch of my frozen Heinz on Crack (sweet and spicy tomato jam). So if you make this recipe, don't replace it with ketchup or salsa. It won't be the same. The bones you see are the ones I took the … [Read more...]

There’s More Than One Way to Cook a Chicken: On Brining and Spatchcocking


So it turns out I had my aphorisms all mixed up. How embarrassing. It turns out that the old saying actually goes: "There's more than one way to skin a cat," which has nothing to do with roasting chickens. And when you type "There's more than one way to roast" in a Google … [Read more...]

Frog’s Legs, Chicken Wings or Scallops in Brandy


The original recipe is for frogs legs and it's in honour of Jabba the Hut's preference for eating them in brandy (see Christmas Party 2015 for further explanation). But frog's legs are somewhat hard to come by in Newfoundland, let alone in the middle of winter, so I subbed … [Read more...]

Baked Chicken and Rice with Okra…and Changing the World


I still dream about this dish. I have one serving in my freezer and I'm saving it for a special occasion when I'll need healthy comfort, like when the Habs lose game five, or for days worthy of a small celebration, like when Trump is ousted from politics forever (which will be … [Read more...]

Blueberry Wine Chicken with Arugula


I love things bittersweet. The same way The English Patient pulls your heartstrings is how I feel about Aperol, or dark chocolate, or this recipe for sweet blueberry wine and bitter herbs. I think of it as balance. Because without the bitterness, how would you know what was … [Read more...]