How to (Most Ethically) Cook a Lobster (and a Recipe for BBQ’d Lobster and Seafood Pasta)


I wanted to call this "How to Kill a Lobster," but that just sounded awful, even though the blog post is about the most ethical way to do it. Ever since the first time I biked live lobster back to my university apartment and boiled them alive, I've been squeamish about cooking … [Read more...]

Creamy Wild Mushroom and Shrimp Risotto (Dairy Free)


Lactose intolerant? Can't eat Parmesan? Not feeling like drowning yourself in dairy and suffering from a heavy-stomached post-risotto feeling of regret? I love the idea of slow-simmering rice in broth until the starch of the rice makes the dish creamy. The traditional cheese … [Read more...]

Dived Scallops with Avocado and Pink Grapefruit Salsa


This recipe comes from Scottish Highland Hospitality, which you can read more about in my recipe post for dairy-free cod brandade. It was my favourite recipe from the book, mostly because of the salsa. The key is to buy really tasty avocados and grapefruit. I splurged on organic … [Read more...]

Dairy Free Gluten Free Cod Brandade


I knew I could never eat cod brandade. For one, the salt cod was unsustainable. I come from Newfoundland, a Canadian province that knows all about the overfished cod. So I would never buy the giant sheets of the salted stuff from Portuguese markets in Toronto. I also knew … [Read more...]

The Best Gluten Free, Vegan Bread Recipes


After a lot of scouring the internet, a lot of reading and a lot of whipping to stiff peaks, these are the two best gluten free bread recipes I've made. They're adaptations of other recipes, made less sweet, more airy and less salty, as necessary. This first one is a basic … [Read more...]