How to Cook Mussels With White Wine and Mushrooms


Why are these hairy mollusks so intimidating? I firmly believe that everybody should be making mussels. Things mussels have going for them include: They make their own sauce when they open. All they generally need is a quick scrub and a toss in boiling liquid. Cooking … [Read more...]

Clef des Champs: Mushroom Tarts, a Summer Day Trip From Montreal and What You Didn’t Know About Medicinal Plants

Clef des champs herbs farm tours montreal

You might have heard of Clef des champs. They're my go-to local company for tinctures — bottles of distilled organic herbal combinations that do anything from easing digestion to improving your immune system to helping you relax. But I didn't know that they had a terraced … [Read more...]

Nam Prik Pau! Thai Chile Jam That Packs a Punch


Every time I say the name of the recipe I picture graphic novel-style exclamations above me and I want to punch three times in various directions into the air — one, two, three! Basically I feel like a Thai warrior, not someone who just shallow-fried dried shrimp and fish, … [Read more...]

$6.99 a Pound Lobster with Sage Butter


Sound fancy? It's not. Insects of the sea, these. I wouldn't eat them until age 19. Me, a girl from Newfoundland. And then I got over the whole antennae and eyes phobia and got on with the eating. First, I treaded carefully (or, rather, biked). Then I went on a killing … [Read more...]