Cocktails from MadeWithLove and Cocktail Invasion Montreal 2017


A month ago I went to the opening of Cocktail Invasion in Montreal and I also went to the all-out MadeWithLove national cocktail championship. I've been in past years and this year was no less of a ridiculous party with tons of quality booze. The room was set up so that each … [Read more...]

Exploring the World, One Meal at a Time


Ever dreamed of taking a cooking class in Thailand? Making pizza from scratch with a nonna in Napoli? Drinking Malbec while waiting for your carne asada (a fortunately long wait) in Argentina? I credit Toronto with inspiring me to eat my way around the world. You can almost do … [Read more...]

Would a Chocolate Bar by Any Other Name Taste as Sweet?

Did you know that a chocolate bar can't be called a chocolate bar if it doesn't contain cocoa mass and cocoa butter? That's a candy bar. Twix? Caramilk? Coffee Crisp? Candy bars. Its doesn't mean they don't taste good, you just can't call them chocolate bars – and you can't … [Read more...]

Cocktail Invasion 2017: May 10-16 in Montreal


Invasion Cocktail is launching its 4th edition from May 10th to 16th in Montreal, which includes: a week of special cocktail lists in tons of bars and restaurants a big opening night party in Old Montreal a sugar shack cocktail brunch at Au Pied de Cochon's famous Cabane … [Read more...]