How to Make Homemade Korean Sake: Makgeolli with Koji

how to make homemade korean sake

"You need a mother or a starter," explained Sebastien Bureau, the head of Research and Development at RISE Kombucha and the man who gave me koji. I was taking part in the Living Table Tour, a gastronomic bike tour offered by Melissa Simard through her company 'Round Table Tours. … [Read more...]

Chicken with Wild Mushrooms and Salicorne

chicken with salicone and wild mushrooms

The best thing you can give me is food I can eat. Well, maybe love. I'd have to be pretty heartless to say, "Keep your feelings to yourself" – especially if you're coming to my house for dinner and I've cooked a birthday meal and I'm lactose and gluten intolerant, thus making … [Read more...]

Halibut with Currants, Harissa and Sherry

halibut with currants harissa and sherry

This sweet and sour sauce soaks into the halibut, playing off the silky, savoury onions and crispy crusted but tender fish.The harissa gives it a smoky, mildly spicy, tomato base. A quick sear and a gentle braise is all it takes. Halibut with Currants, Harissa and Sherry  3 … [Read more...]

Vegan Ice Cream Sundaes at Sophie Sucrée in Montreal


It's not too late! There's still a week of summer before the darn Equinox pulls the ice cream sundae rug out from under us. That means there's still time to try the caramel and raspberry coulis-topped ice cream sundae with whatever two scoops of the four or five daily flavours … [Read more...]

Nora Gray: A Place to Love


I know exactly when it happened. It was when I took my first bite of grilled pork chop with sweet pickled cherries. As I chewed, the fat melted in my mouth – like a lighter, more tender duck breast – coating the meat and spreading salt to every point on my tongue that craved … [Read more...]