Gourmet Quebec Popcorn Tasting on Global Television Montreal


This morning I got Laura Casella to taste a heap of thickly coated caramel, sriracha, confetti, pear almandine and chocolate hazelnut praline popcorns on Global Television Montreal.I think she loved the extra morning boost from the sugar. Here's the segment. The … [Read more...]

Miku Toronto: Aburi-Style Torched Sushi and a Sake Tasting Flight


Whenever I visit my old home of Toronto, I call a friend to ask where we should eat sushi. I only go about once a year, so the answer changes frequently. Our favourite place on Carlton closed (Sushi-Ya). Yasu is out of my price range. And I've eaten my way through the entire menu … [Read more...]

Cocktails from MadeWithLove and Cocktail Invasion Montreal 2017


A month ago I went to the opening of Cocktail Invasion in Montreal and I also went to the all-out MadeWithLove national cocktail championship. I've been in past years and this year was no less of a ridiculous party with tons of quality booze. The room was set up so that each … [Read more...]

How to (Most Ethically) Cook a Lobster (and a Recipe for BBQ’d Lobster and Seafood Pasta)


I wanted to call this "How to Kill a Lobster," but that just sounded awful, even though the blog post is about the most ethical way to do it. Ever since the first time I biked live lobster back to my university apartment and boiled them alive, I've been squeamish about cooking … [Read more...]

Exploring the World, One Meal at a Time


Ever dreamed of taking a cooking class in Thailand? Making¬†pizza from scratch with a nonna in Napoli? Drinking Malbec while waiting for your carne asada¬†(a fortunately long wait) in Argentina? I credit Toronto with inspiring me to eat my way around the world. You can almost do … [Read more...]