Booze-tacular Turbot, and Other Fish Tales


When you brew a giant batch of saké with a master Kombucha scientist, you end up with a lot of saké. I'm not talking awesome saké, but table saké – the kind of saké that I'm happy to make friends taste, but won't crave after a long day. So what do I do with approximately 10 … [Read more...]

La Mar Restaurant: A Peruvian Expat in San Francisco


La Mar is the bay outpost of Gaston Acurio's cevicheria in Lima, Peru. I fell in love with the open-air restaurant in a quiet area of Miraflores when I was there two years ago. The corvhina traditional ceviche with braised sweet potato and pale, large corn and a simple, perfectly … [Read more...]

L’Étagère Gourmande: Tunisian and Classical Flavours From The Montreal Jam Fairy


Mouna Joulali is the jam fairy. Every month, she concocts wild flavours – strawberries and orange blossoms; orange, walnuts and saffron; and pear cardamom  – posts them on her Facebook page, and the orders come flying in. Customers pick up either from her house, from La … [Read more...]

Fine Dining in San Francisco: Sushi at Maruya


San Francisco doesn't lack for great restaurants, but what I lacked was enough days to eat everything! So after a lot of research (thanks, Tiberiù, Caterina, Cai and Google algorithm developers), I settled on one meal of Japanese oseki fine dining at Maruya, one happy hour and … [Read more...]

Houston Avenue Bar & Grill Takes Over the Former Cavalli Space on Peel Street


Joe Mercuri might be known for the grill in his eponymous fine dining restaurant in the Old Port. But he's also been the man behind the menu at the Houston's chain of restaurants for years. Apparently they begged him. And he finally caved, as long as he could introduce a … [Read more...]