Greek Dolmades: Vegan, Healthy and Local (if you Forage the Vine Leaves)


I'd walked past the vine leaves outside my community garden hundreds of times, but I'd never put them to use in my kitchen until now. I know they're good for two things: pickling cucumbers (they supposedly keep the pickles firmer without adding any chemicals) and dolmades … [Read more...]

Living for Charcuterie, Chicken and Chenin at La Buvette Chez Simone


How do you define Montreal as a food city? We have a little of everything, but we specialize in a very open interpretation of French-inspired cuisine. We're grazers – a little of this and a little of that, all accompanied by a glass of wine or a beer. And we enjoy a … [Read more...]

Omnivore Grill and the Story of the Plateau Work Lunch


Has Yotam Ottolenghi taken over the world? Perhaps not, but he's certainly a big reason that Middle Eastern cuisine is big right now. And with a strong Syrian community in Montreal (and proud reps from the rest of the Middle East), the city isn't lacking hummus. Damas, Sumac, … [Read more...]

Life-Changing Lemon Chicken, Homemade Hoisin and Everyday Chinese


I read an article in the Globe & Mail a little while ago called "Chop Suey Nation" about why Canada has so many Chinese-Canadian takeout restaurants in small towns from BC to Fogo Island. Not regional Chinese places making hand-pulled wheat noodles in bone broth soups or … [Read more...]

Cheater’s Risotto with Turbot, Dill and Capers


Here's how you make awesome seafood risotto: Buy a whole fish. Get the fishmonger to filet it. Ask him or her to toss the skin but save you the bones and head. Put these flavourful bits in a pot covered with water and bring them to a simmer for 30 minutes. Strain. Eat the fish … [Read more...]