A Newfoundlanders’ Shot of Chartreuse Verte

I did not make this. In fact, this is probably a heavily-guarded secret recipe.
Chartreuse Verte is delicious (whatever it’s made of) if you like strong liquor. It’s mildly sweet, a little herbal, and very alcoholic. It’s also translucent green. To me, these are all very good reasons to drink this beverage. I first had it in a very good cocktail at L’Assommoir. Skip the salmon tartar and go for the cerf tartar, but either way, try a few drinks from their pages and pages of options. This is a place where mixology is an art. You want to see the show. They don’t really do drink discount specials, but when you have a bit of extra cash for a fun night or early evening, it’s a good place to come.
Anyway, I don’t often have a ton of extra money for splurges, so months and months after first trying a drink with Chartreuse Verte, I finally looked for it in a liquor store (SAQ). Actually it was Game 3 of the last Montreal playoffs series that I first tried it at L’Assommoir, a good restaurant/bar in the Old Port. It was August before I got to a liquor store. So you can figure out the time-line on that one. I was just curious what this stuff looked like…and how much it cost, of course.
Apparently there’s another kind of chartreuse (a different colour, presumably) that’s even better but the SAQ doesn’t carry it. So I hummed and I hawed over the price of the green stuff, which really wasn’t that horrible since you certainly don’t drink a lot of this stuff at once, and decided it was time to splurge.
You want to serve it on ice, so you need a glass big enough for a shot of it plus some ice cubes. That’s where my former roommate’s Newfoundland shot glass came in. It’s the size of four shots, so just the right size. It even marks off 1 oz if you’re a mainlander, 3 oz if you’re a townie, and 4 oz if you’re a bayman. Now I’m not from ‘round the bay. I’m definitely a townie since I’m from St. John’s, but I wasn’t about to have 3 oz of this stuff, so I downgraded myself to a mainlander, and a weak mainlander at that, as shown by the picture.
It was just enough. The first sip is very strong, but once the ice starts melting just a little, before it’s too diluted, the mix is perfect.
So get yourself a good shot glass, or a small, heavy tumbler and have just a taste of something delicious. Note: that does not necessarily mean Chartreuse Verte (they’re not paying me) and that does not necessarily mean something alcoholic. How about some fresh blueberry juice from some strained, crushed jam berries?


  1. Susan says

    This isn’t exactly relevant to the post, but I have been looking everywhere for this shotglass or a variation of it. Do you (or anyone) by any chance know specifically where it came from? This the only image of one I can find using Google. This is the first time in living memory that I’ve wanted to buy something and the internet has not given me an option.

    • MissWattson says

      I got it in Newfoundland when I went home last year. I bought it for my roommate as a present because he hadn’t been home in a long time and needed to up his drinking game. So I’d say Newfoundland is about the only place, specifically the tourist shop in the mall or any of the shops down on Water Street or Duckworth Street. Maybe the Newfoundland Heritage Shop. You can apparently shop online by contacting them directly: http://www.historicsites.ca/heritageshop.html

      Feel free to take the picture from my blog to send to them to let them know what you’re looking for.

      Best of luck!

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