Exquisite La Porte Restaurant in Montreal

La porte restaurant montreal

"Can we go to that place you sent me last time?" Designing food itineraries for friends and family travelling to Montreal is like giving a kid a firecracker—dangerous and fun. Last time my mom was in town I dropped her off at La Porte for a solo dinner I couldn't stay for, sad … [Read more...]

Salt-Grilled Fish, a Night Market and Living Near BTS On Nut in Bangkok, Thailand

Night market On Nut BTS, whole grilled fish

The second the woman said "It's near a night market," I was sold. I was sitting in a bamboo shaded rooftop cafe ("on" a rooftop cafe?) in Ton Sai, Thailand, trying to figure out where to stay when I got to Bangkok. A lot of the hostels seemed that they were downtown and a lot … [Read more...]

Sustaina and Khun Churn Restaurants: Vegetarian, Organic and Macrobiotic Food in Bangkok

vegetarian and organic restaurants in Bangkok

There aren't a whole lot of vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok, despite the amount of Buddhists. There's even less certified organic produce, meat, and dairy. Why would you spend more money? And especially why would you spend it on vegetables? Macrobiotic was the last thing I … [Read more...]

Montreal’s Best New Restaurants


You go away for a couple months and all of a sudden Montreal has a bajillion great new restaurants—all local and sustainable and with biodynamic wine lists, of course. Nudding wrong widdit! as my honorary Newfoundlander of a father would say. All this newness sure makes me think … [Read more...]

Sornthong Seafood in Bangkok


I have to give Sornthong Restaurant points for service. A lone gluten-intolerant foreigner comes in and asks what she can eat in a Chinese-run seafood restaurant. Disaster, right? What should I expect? A feast? Everything has soy sauce. And if it doesn't, it has oyster sauce and … [Read more...]