Spicy Fish Soup with Turmeric and Lemongrass (and deep-frying for skinny people)


This is what you need to eat on a rainy summer day. It's spicy and hot and rich but not heavy. And most importantly, it'll warm you up from the inside. The best part? You get to shallow-fry a bunch of garlic. It's not scary, it doesn't waste a ton of oil, and it tastes … [Read more...]

Mail Order Gourmet: Yuzu Juice, Artichokes and Freeze-Dried Lychees


Have you ever heard of Qualifirst? I hadn't. But turns out the company's been around since the '80s, and before that it was a family-run import company called Far-Met, which brought some of the first foie gras, Burgundy snails, Portuguese sardines and Belgian legumes – basically … [Read more...]

Sonoma Wine Tasting and Restaurants: An Organic Itinerary


I’m not saying this is the best way to drink and eat Sonoma in a week, but it’s a very fun, very delicious, very off-the-beaten-path way to see the area. It’s even relatively healthy. Here’s how I planned my trip: I contacted three sommelier friends who specialize in … [Read more...]

Booze-tacular Turbot, and Other Fish Tales


When you brew a giant batch of saké with a master Kombucha scientist, you end up with a lot of saké. I'm not talking awesome saké, but table saké – the kind of saké that I'm happy to make friends taste, but won't crave after a long day. So what do I do with approximately 10 … [Read more...]