Mountains of Gluten Free Fake Oatmeal Cookies

gluten free quinoa oatmeal cookies-2

It was a lie when I told everyone these were oatmeal cookies. They're actually made with quinoa flakes instead of oats, which are tons more expensive but I can digest them. And I used buckwheat flour in place of all-purpose. They're not vegan though – I used two large eggs … [Read more...]

The Great St-Henri Taco Crawl 2016


Okay, fine, the title's a bit ridiculous, because there couldn't have been a St-Henri taco crawl in 2015 – there weren't enough taco places! But like I said when I threw the "1st Annual Volk/Watson Christmas Extravaganza," there will obvious be more years of this awesome event to … [Read more...]

Spicy Fish Soup with Turmeric and Lemongrass (and deep-frying for skinny people)


This is what you need to eat on a rainy summer day. It's spicy and hot and rich but not heavy. And most importantly, it'll warm you up from the inside. The best part? You get to shallow-fry a bunch of garlic. It's not scary, it doesn't waste a ton of oil, and it tastes … [Read more...]

Mail Order Gourmet: Yuzu Juice, Artichokes and Freeze-Dried Lychees


Have you ever heard of Qualifirst? I hadn't. But turns out the company's been around since the '80s, and before that it was a family-run import company called Far-Met, which brought some of the first foie gras, Burgundy snails, Portuguese sardines and Belgian legumes – basically … [Read more...]