French Rack of Lamb with Honey-Parsley Marinade, Potato Purée and Pickled Beets


I was a rack of lamb virgin. Embarrassing, right? 28-years-old and I'd never seared an expensive piece of meat with the ribs sticking out like boney fingers. I bet that's not what you think when you order it in a restaurant — bony fingers — but I do. Which is mostly why I didn't … [Read more...]

Fish Head Resale and the Legalities of Gill-to-Fin Eating


The man cleaning fish behind the small window counter at La Mer Poissonerie in Montreal is not having a good day. He knows the man whose salmon he's filleting is not going to tip. Somebody has already helped that customer choose the whole fish, weigh it and put a price tag on the … [Read more...]

How to Cook Whole Fish: Baked Sustainable Bass Stuffed with Herbs


Make this when you have leftover parsley or white wine. You can do it the mild way (Italian) or the spicy way (Asian). The difference is chili flakes and soy or fish sauce. One note about sustainability: Ask your fishmonger where the fish comes from and how it was caught. If it … [Read more...]