Mission Possible 2016: An Annual Food Fundraiser for the Mile-End Community Mission


This isn't the first year that Marc Cohen, chef of Lawrence, has spearheaded Mission Possible, a fundraiser for the Mile End Community Mission. But it was the first time I went. The goal isn't to sing the praises of the amazing restaurants, cafés and wine agencies that donate … [Read more...]

The Wine Whisperers, Part 2: Coturri Winery, Sonoma Valley, California


I was on a mission. I was spending a week in Sonoma and Napa in search on natural, biodynamic and organic wines. There were to be no trolley tours, no limo tours, and, as one of my favourite Montreal wine import companies proclaims: "No shit in my wine." My next stop? Coturri. … [Read more...]

The Wine Whisperers, Part 1: Budweiser Wine, Foot Yeast and Carbonated Sparkling at The Scholium Project


The Scholium Project isn’t your average Napa winery. Instead of a posh tasting room, the unheated rental of a barn is filled with bladder presses and stacked barrels with names like Polupous (Octopus in Greek), Sally Field and “lees poop.” Only the first of those is for … [Read more...]

Everyday Chinese Stir-Fried Chicken with Bok Choy and Snow Peas


Look at those peas. Aren't they gorgeous? Those peas and bok choy were not bought in a grocery store. I picked those myself, and felt almost bad stir-frying them until I saw how bright green and delicious this recipe made them. The recipe is incredibly simple, and it's not … [Read more...]

Greek Dolmades: Vegan, Healthy and Local (if you Forage the Vine Leaves)


I'd walked past the vine leaves outside my community garden hundreds of times, but I'd never put them to use in my kitchen until now. I know they're good for two things: pickling cucumbers (they supposedly keep the pickles firmer without adding any chemicals) and dolmades … [Read more...]